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Dead Panda is looking for Flash Artist/s

2008-09-28 09:46:14 by dead-panda

Dead Panda is looking for a Flash Artist with some talent and their own style. The main
thing is influences, If your musical tastes are at least vaguely like ours, then you might
dig the Panda. You can email me directly at

Our influences include Massive Attack, Portishead, Air, Tones On Tail, Lee "Scratch" Perry .

You can check out the Dead Panda style on our myspace:

Dead Panda myspace

If you dig Dead Panda, hit us up with your ideas. We're looking for something a bit
trippy & psychedelic, but we are also open to suggestions. We're an unsigned band
(no budget), but we're getting airplay and we play throughout the Los Angeles area.
This is good exposure for an artist, plus you can use and post the resulting product
in any way you wish. We'll be posting it on Youtube & the Dead Panda myspace.

Dead Panda is looking for Flash Artist/s


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2008-09-28 09:57:04

omg i am the best artist around here pm me about it


2008-09-28 09:57:50

dude look at all my posts youll see whos the artist beacuse im the best one around trust me so pm me if you want me to get you some pics