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{{{{{Hello Fellow Freaks}}}}}

2008-08-16 17:39:11 by dead-panda

Hello freaks. I am the sub-species of freak known as the musician. Fave vids include
Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell (movie great-series ok), Bleach (depends
on the episode) and Urotsidoji (The Demon Womb). Cowboy Bebop had a lot to do
with inspiring Dead Panda, a band from the L.A. area that I play with (synths, beats,
dj & vocalist).
I got into anime because of Akira. The first time I saw Akira I was under the influence of
LSD (kids don't try this at home-KDTTAH) so naturally it had a profound effect on me.
That first dive into anime led me to Hentai 'babes' which appealed to certain fetishes.
I listen to mostly electronica, reggae (dark stuff not that happy sh*t) dub, & trip hop.
I am a serious synth player and an expert on the Kaoss pad (interactive effects generator),
I also program beats, I DO NOT use loops! I do it from scratch w/ Akai samplers.
Dead Panda is looking to meet other anime freaks in the LBC L.A. area,
especially if you are a musician or DJ.
Dead Panda would also like a video game to post on our myspace, if you're a game
creator and you dig our sound then drop us a message.
If you dig a lo-fi electro-dub sound, then check out Dead Panda. Message us, we'd love to hear from ya. ystem

{{{{{Hello Fellow Freaks}}}}}


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